Products and Services.

Leather Skins and Hides
We have a huge stock of leather skins and hides. Vegetable tanned shoulders and sides, pigskins, sheepskins, goatskins, suede and prints as well as hair-on skins - rabbit, sheep, goat and cattle.

Belts and Straps
We are a manufacturer of belts, straps and dog collars. We have no limitations on orders and can supply anything from a one off item to orders of wholesale quantitys.

We have two embossing machine’s. We emboss logos for Fortnum & Mason, Pimms, John Lewis, Harrods and many others which go on a variety of items such as luggage, hamper baskets, key rings etc.

We have four cutting presses where we can do contract cutting or we have various press knives for cutting from. Our belt press is capable of cutting 56" in Length by 26" Wide.

Riveting and eyelet setting machines
We have riveting machines and can rivet various lengths of rivets. We use rivets in some of our belts that we make or we can rivet articles together for you.

Buckles and Fittings
We have a wide range of buckles and fittings with continuously changing stock. If you purchase a product that you love please order more as soon as possible to avoid dissappointment as repeat orders are not always possible.

Edge Lining Machine
Edge lining is exactly what it says it puts an edge line on the leather some people use it as a stitch line while others use it for decoration.

Inking Machine
We have an inking machine which ink's the side of straight cut leathers so edge staining straps and belts is not a problem.

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